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bronzing Introduction
Jul 28, 2017

• Hot Pad printing technology commonly known as bronzing, is a kind of special printing technology without ink, it is the use of a certain pressure on the temperature, used in the hot stamping machine on the template, so that the hot and hot stamping foil in a short period of time with each other under pressure, according to hot stamping die version of the graphic transfer to the surface of the hot.

• In recent years, as people on the product packaging appearance and quality requirements of the improvement, prepress processing technology has made a vigorous development, and anodized hot stamping as a part of the prepress process, the changes in the past few years is enormous. New technology, new technology and a variety of technologies combined with the use of the continuous appearance, so that after stamping in gloss, three-dimensional, metal sense, anti-counterfeiting performance has achieved better results, especially the application of more and more extensive stereo printing technology, so that the packaging of goods appear high-grade exquisite, magnificent and rich personality.

• From the process can be divided into first hot after printing and after the first printing. First hot stamping is on the hot thing on the first stamping, again in the bronzing surface printing graphics and text, and the first printing after hot is printed on the hot matter, in need of hot stamping parts hot stamping on the need for the pattern, this is a widely used technology.

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