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Highlights of the operation of gold
Jul 28, 2017

1. Basic treatment

The flower board that will be gilded first, line foot and other parts with paint ash inlay dense, smooth, sanding, clean dust, with delicate tofu or raw blood to add color brushing again, with the old cotton wool net (gold is the last decoration technology, other parts of the site has already survived intact).

2. Make the Foot

Also known as playing gold Cushion, select high-quality wide paint, paint the head to be heavier, generally do gold foot of the wide paint ratio of cotton paint (lacquer) 1:0.5 ~ 0.6 is advisable, with a special small paint brush (called the Golden Foot broom or with a painting flower pen) dipped in broad lacquer carefully will be gilded flower board, line foot and other places painted wide paint. When painting, to prevent the pattern or line feet low place paint too much wrinkle skin. The general gold foot makes two times advisable, but also has made three times, its goal is to make the paint film meat fullness saturation.

3, Gold

After the last time the golden foot is done, the gold foil or aluminum foil will be carefully applied to the gold foot when it is dry, and the concrete method is the same as the ancient building. Gold, the dryness of the foot, is a key problem, the gold foot too old, then the gold foil and the foot of the local or all paste is not solid, gold feet too tender is not dry in the table. Paste gold foil or aluminum foil, the operation should be brisk and meticulous, because the gold foil or aluminum foil thin and tender, easy to break damage, must be careful operation. If there is a leak affixed to the place, to immediately fill the gold.

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