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UV-resistant Heat Transfer Film
Jan 18, 2019

   Adding a solvent that can resist ultraviolet rays in the production of heat transfer film can make the heat transfer film hot stamping on the product and then have a good anti-ultraviolet effect. In this way, the product can be widely used outdoors without considering the change of color.

  The UV absorber is a light stabilizer that absorbs the ultraviolet part of the sunlight and fluorescent light source without changing itself.

   Since the sun light contains a large amount of UV light harmful to colored objects, its wavelength is about 290-460 nm, and these harmful UV light is chemically reduced by oxidation (redox reaction ), the final decomposition of the color molecules faded.

   Methods to prevent harmful UV light from damaging colors are both physical and chemical.

Here is only a brief introduction to the chemical method, that is, the use of UV absorbers to effectively prevent protected objects, or weaken their damage to color.

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