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Introduction of gold foil culture
Jul 28, 2017

"Gold leaf" Latin, meaning dawn. The word gold comes from Sanskrit, and it shines. Its performance is stable, does not change color, does not oxidize, does not corrode, the extensibility is extremely strong, therefore may grind into the gold foil.

Gold foil is a unique traditional handicraft in our country, it is about 2000 years old. South Gold foil has been famous since ancient times, called China a must.

Pure gold foil is the use of gold bullion 99.99%, after dozens of of the process of special processing production and become "gold foil." True gold foil feather, soft like satin, thin as a cicada, soft color, thickness of less than 0.12 microns.

The use of gold foil is very wide, widely used in religion, classical gardens, architectural decoration, medicine and food and cultural undertakings, and to promote the traditional crafts and the development of national industry has made great contributions.

The statue of Buddha is gilded, ornamented with gold, plaque couplets, decorated with gilding is the most widely used. "The application of gold foil has reached all over the world, throughout the motherland. Such as: The Chinese archway in Philadelphia, the Palace of Versailles in France, the presidential residence in Zaire, the Beijing Hotel in Moscow, the Beijing Tian an door, the Great Hall of the People, the National Palace Museum, CCTV, the Shanghai Oriental Pearl, the Hong Kong Dayushan Guanyin Temple, the Tibetan Potala Palace, the Henan Shaolin Temple, the Nanjing Qixia Temple, as well as the central government 1997, 1999 to celebrate Hong Kong, Macao return to the Special Administrative Region government gift-a "forever blooming Bauhinia

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