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The composition of gilding foil
Jul 28, 2017

Bronzing foil is generally composed of different materials of $number layer, such as: Pet thin base film, off-type layer, coloring layer, steaming layer, then layer.

The ①pet basal membrane layer mainly supports the other layers. Most pet substrates use 12μ, 16μ, 25μ thickness materials

The effect of the ② layer is to separate the anodized aluminum foil layer from the pet base film, which determines the transfer of the anodized layer.

The main role of ③ coloring layer is to display anodized color and protect the bottom. Common colors are: gold, silver, brown, blue, black, red, green, etc.,

Gold and silver are two of the most common.

The effect of ④ plating layer is to present metallic luster. Use a vacuum plating machine. Vacuum Electroplating machine is equipped with cabbage device, metal dissolving crucible furnace and heat source in high vacuum machine.

0.0001~0.0005mm Mercury Column (vacuum P position: Atmospheric pressure 760mm Mercury column) Such a high vacuum allows the aluminum to dissolve and evaporate, so that the above 1-3 of the film adhesion aluminum.

In the high vacuum, aluminum is volatile in molecular form, and a homogeneous film is formed on the membrane.

The thickness of the film is 0.03~0 05μ (300~500å). The electroplated layer exhibits a gloss.

⑤ the role of the next layer is the bonding of hot stamping materials. Adhesives are dissolved by heat and pressure to attach to the adhesive. Depending on the type of binder, the temperature and pressure of the application are changed in order to choose the temperature and pressure that suits the adhesive.

A. If printing is required, special coating is required

B. If you need temperature resistance, you need to add heat resistant agent

C. Can be customized according to customer requirements

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