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Advantages Of Soft Film Smallpox
Jul 28, 2017

I. Fireproof function: Soft film smallpox has already met the fire protection standard of many countries. UK BSSTANDARD476 Part 7 class iy, ASTM, European M1 and GB Code no: 2000 1132. The standard of fire protection in China is B1 grade. In short, general building materials (such as wood, plasterboard and metal ceilings) will spread fire and heat to other locations when exposed to high temperatures or burns.

Second, energy-saving function: First, the surface of the smooth smallpox is manufactured in accordance with the film screen, such as a look at the surface can be found in countless concave and convex lines, and this is the purpose is to enhance the light refraction, so we highly encourage users to install wall lamp or inverted spotlights to enhance the effect of Furthermore, the essence of soft film smallpox is made of PVC material, can greatly improve the insulation function, but also can reduce the loss of indoor temperature, especially the need to open air-conditioning places. The principle is the same as a diver wearing a diving suit to delay the loss of body temperature in seawater.

Third, anti-bacteria function: Because the soft film smallpox in the factory has been mixed with a prior to the antibacterial treatment called Bio-pruf. This trademark has been registered in the United States. and has 30 years of experience. The specially treated material can resist and prevent microorganisms (such as general mold) from growing on the surface of the object, thus providing an additional safeguard for general users, especially children's bedrooms and bathrooms. The Hong Kong Medical Association designated the use of products.