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Bronzing Foil
Jul 28, 2017

Bronzing foil also known as bronzing paper in the north of China, commonly known as anodized, it is made of polyester film (PET) and on its surface coated with multi-layer chemical coating.

Its structure is: the foundation layer, peel layer, color layer, electroplating layer, the combination of the glue layer. Some of the coating's role is to produce decorative effects, while some of the coating is used to control the performance of gilding paper, different coatings for different substrates. Aluminum layer's role is to produce reflective effect, is the aluminum wire after high temperature melting sublimation in ultra-low vacuum conditions under the formation of bronzing paper.

1, clothing cloth bronzing paper (high-grade fashion, cloth, T-shirt, bags, casual shoes)

2, ASB, PVC, PMMA (acrylic bronzing) and other soft plastic hot stamping paper (plastic parts, electronic products, ballpoint pen, bell surface, etc.)

3, Opp laminating, Paper Type bronzing paper (High-grade cigarette bag, wine box, album, Moon Cake box, books, etc.)

4, pp, PE type bronzing paper (cosmetics box, hose, high-end daily necessities)

5, electrical wire drawing class, double-sided bronzing paper (DVD, VCD, combination speaker, transparent panel, high-grade electrical appliances, video panels, etc.)

6, glass, metal type bronzing paper (cosmetic bottle, wine bottle, glass, metal nameplate, cup, etc.)

7, Pu leather, imitation leather type bronzing paper (fashion shoes, bags, cover, artificial skin, etc.)

8, Buddhist Incense bronzing paper

9, Bronzing machine (pneumatic bronzing machine, automatic continuous hot drilling rig, boiling machine)

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