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Gilding Finishing Process
Jul 28, 2017

Gold finishing process is the use of paint will be very thin foil affixed to the products on the carving patterns, images, text, borders and other decorative parts, so that the formation of glittering, never-fading golden film, in order to obtain the precious luxurious decorative effect.

Gold foil is made from the real metal forging, greatly three-inch square, small for one inch, according to the thickness of different can be divided into thick gold foil, gold foil, thin gold foil three kinds. Thick gold foil is mainly used for outdoor products decoration, the gold foil for furniture and other interior products decoration, thin gold foil is only suitable for round, round and has a round edge, such as decorative products. Each sheet of gold foil is kept in thin paper, in case of rupture, when the sticker is removed. There is also a copper-zinc alloy made of alloy foil, its color and texture similar to true gold foil, but the price is much cheaper, can be used for furniture and other interior products decoration. Only after the paste must be coated on its surface clear transparent varnish to prevent rust discoloration.

The surface of the gold is the same as the opaque coating, the stain must be thoroughly removed and the sand mill smooth. If the conditions allow the use of lacquer or wide paint putty inlay hole cracks, fill the hole, after the dry sand must be smooth. Then paint a wide lacquer or special varnish [flaxseed oil: lead yellow: turpentine = 100:6. 5: Appropriate amount (according to the varnish viscosity requirements)). Each time the coating of Xu is thin, and to prevent the carving of the deep and Cheng depression can not have a stain and dry wrinkle. The $number shall be painted in general. Should wait before a coating dry, fine sand smooth clear ash, then besmear next. When the last coating is dry to the point that the light touches the non-stick but still retains the sticky relay, it can be pasted with foil or alloy foil.