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How To Tell Whether Gold Foil Is Real Gold
Jul 28, 2017

1, the choice of regular manufacturers, gold foil only can be produced in Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangdong are in Nanjing to take goods merchants, batch instability, resulting in a color instability;

2, generally we can observe by the naked eye, true gold foil on the light will be green, imitation of the light is not green gold foil.

3, True gold foil than imitation gold foil to thin, real gold foil hand is broken, and imitation gold foil than true gold foil to thicker, hand touch will not be broken

4, fire, with the fire can distinguish between true and false, imitation of gold foil is the main raw material copper, copper through the burning will produce copper oxide black, and the real gold will not. The gold foil will curl after the fire, but will not become Ashes;

5, through the human eye can also distinguish a probably, there are 9 red 8 Yellow 7 green. That is, more than 90 of the red, the content of 80 of the yellow, the content of 70 of the partial cyan. But if we want to measure the gold content of gold foil, we must pass the special instrument.