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Lacquer And Gilding Of Wood Carvings
Jul 28, 2017

General wood carving with lacquer often into red color, with red background foil, more starlight yingying, Luster '. After the painting has been put into the wet put shade, wet room must maintain a certain temperature and humidity, and in the dry weather often splashing, so that it is stable at about 20 degrees Celsius, in order to reach the natural effect of dry paint. The operating procedures for painting and gilding are as follows:

Filler: The fine powder that mixes the gypsum powder or the brick and tile grind with the Chinese lacquer, will fill up the crack and the flaw in the wood carving work, wait for the dry finishing.

Head coating: With lacquer into the red magenta, brush evenly on the surface of the wood carving works, the effect is to let the wood carving to absorb paint, so that the pores to heal.

Two tu: Take the raw Shang each half, adjust the red and a small amount of "cinnabar", a deep red, with brush evenly, the effect is to make the surface of wood carving products smooth, to improve the effect of gilding.

Three tu: Shang into the vermilion is big red, with the ox brush very evenly applied in the wood carving, after both into the wet room, if the next day out of the micro-sticky feeling, it can be gilded.

gilding: Gold foil with pure gold by artificial beat exquisite, thin as a cicada, when the gold should avoid the wind blowing, with hair made of the brush, the gold foil light affixed to the wood carving products, the requirements of the fullness does not leave the gap, and finally the dust blowing clean, in order to achieve such as the brilliant effect of the golden cast.