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Powder Finishing Process
Jul 28, 2017

There are real gold powder and alloy powders, the real gold powder is to grind the gold foil, and gold to copper and zinc alloy powders. When Xupei, the varnish used in the accommodated powder (such as nitrocellulose lacquer or polyurethane varnish), if the viscosity is too high can be added to the appropriate amount of varnish solvent for dilution, mix evenly into gold pink paint, and then use a common brush or oil brush to paint the gold powder painted in Xu decorated with good primer or finishing 1&#0, 2 road surface paint patterns (such as carving patterns, calligraphy and painting, inlay line, frame, etc.), or directly draw the design of the pattern. The description must be very serious, should make the powder coating uniform solid, smooth surface. There shall be no omission or distortion of the depicted pattern. After the powder coating drying, and then finishing 2� 3 high grade varnish. After the whole coating is fully incorporated, it can be used for grinding sand, polishing treatment, the same can make the products to obtain brilliant decorative effect.