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Several Technological Methods Of The Golden Statue
Jul 28, 2017

First, gilt technology: gold is a traditional metal decoration process from the pre-Qin era, is a traditional practice, also known as fire-plated or mercury-plated. In the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and after the Han dynasties are quite popular, successively known as gold coating, golden coating, gold coating, applying, gold-plated, the Song Dynasty began to call Gilt. Gilt is the gold and mercury synthesis of mercury, coated in the surface of the bronze, heating so that the mercury evaporation, so that the gold firmly attached to the surface of the bronze technology. This process is

① will gold forged into a gold foil, cut into fragments, into the crucible heated to 400oC around, then pour into the mercury, to stir the gold completely dissolved in mercury, and then poured into cold water to make cooling, to become silver-white mud paste-like gold mercury mixture, this liquid commonly known as gold mud, this process is called "evil Spirit (Kill) gold."

② grinding the surface of copper ornaments with the patina, with "coated gold stick" (copper, the end of its flat with plum smear after immersion in mercury, repeated many times, so that a layer of mercury, dry that is, dip gold mud and salt, alum mixed liquid evenly wiped on the surface of the utensil, edge to push pressure (modern craftsmen call this technique "tethered", three points to rub seven points), to ensure that the metal organization dense, and the utensils adhere firmly. This process is commonly known as "wiping gold" and is coated on the surface of the copper trim.