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The Difference Between Dip Gold, Illuminated, Gilding, Gold-plated, Gold
Jul 28, 2017

1, gilded (distillation) Gold Craft: A method of decorating utensils with gold. The gold dissolved in mercury is coated with a brush on the surface of the utensil, dried, roasted with charcoal, and then rolled with agate, all processes generally need to repeat three times.

2, Dip Gold Process: The object in the dissolved in mercury (Mercury) or sanshui (a mixture of concentrated nitric acid and three concentrated hydrochloric acid) in the gold liquid, dip it out. This is the simplest form of a gold method.

3, illuminated process: the use of metal powder made of pigments on the surface of the utensil.

4, gold-plated technology: electrical solution or other chemical methods, so that gold attaches to metal or other objects on the surface, forming a thin layer of gold.

5, gilding the craft: Pastes the gold foil on the utensil.

6, Gold Process: The gold or silver hammer into thin slices, wrapped in the fetal body, and then hammer, so that the concave-convex texture as the surface of the fetal body.

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