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The Use Of Water-soluble Gilding Glue
Jul 28, 2017

A water-soluble foil adhesive for pasting true gold foil, silver foil, imitation of gold foil, imitation silver foil, a variety of metals (such as wood, plastic, glass, marble, etc.) materials have good adhesion fastness. Metal foil surface brightness is good, especially suitable for all kinds of buildings within the large area of continuous foil construction, the product non-toxic, no odor, no pollution to the environment, in line with environmental requirements.

Pay attention to the surface must be dry, clean, no wax or grease. If the surface has small holes, depressions, gaps or untreated wood and plastic, and so on, it must first be replaced with a layer of oil, dry thoroughly after the fine sandpaper to the surface of the sand grinding lightly.

Three products can use oil sweep or cotton pad daub, the best air spray effect. The foil can be pasted one hours after the glue is coated. If the surface of the workpiece foam reaction, the use of chemical fiber cloth to wipe it after the next process.

Four due to different working environment, the need for glue dry time may also be different, so can be mixed with a large amount of water (100%), in order to play the best results, depending on the actual circumstances.

Five diluted water should be clean, unused glue should not be poured back to the original gum in order to avoid the storage period affected.

Six this product has the unique and reliable long time pasting sex (up to 24 hours), whether in the mass production or the extremely exquisite processing process all can provide the convenience.

Usage: Directly diluted with water to the amount of solid content, spraying, brush coating can be.

Storage: shelf Life of one years, long-term storage such as no stratification, mildew phenomenon can still be used, room temperature storage is not frozen, the ambient temperature is less than 10 degrees unfavorable use.