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What Is Soft Film Smallpox
Jul 28, 2017

Soft film smallpox-(also known as: Smallpox soft film, elastic cloth) was founded in 19th century in Switzerland, then by the French (Ferland. Mr. SCORE continued to study in 1967 to improve and successfully promote the smallpox market in Europe and the Americas, soft film smallpox has increasingly become the preferred material for ceiling materials. The soft membrane is made of special PVC material, 0.18-0.2mm, weighing about 180~320 grams per square metre, its fire level is B1 grade. The soft membrane is formed by cutting one or more times, and is accomplished by high-frequency welding. Soft film needs to be measured in the field after the size of smallpox, in the factory to complete. The stability of the soft film size is 15 to 45 degrees Celsius. Transparent film ceiling can cooperate with a variety of lighting systems (such as neon lights, fluorescent lamps, LED lights) to create a dreamy, shadow-free indoor lighting effect. At the same time, discarded glass or plexiglass, the cumbersome, dangerous and small pieces of assembling the shortcomings, has gradually become a new decorative highlights.

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