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Characteristics of heat shrinkable film
Jul 28, 2017

It has high flexibility, easy breakage, strong blast resistance, strong impact resistance, strong tearing resistance and strong tensile strength, which can be substituted for box packing.

Shrinkage, heat shrinkage can be tightly wrapped articles, if made into PE direct bag (the ends of the bag openings) after the heat shrinkage, the ends of the opening can be raised items, can withstand 15KG weight, easy to carry.

Good transparency, transmittance of 80%, can display products, can be invisible publicity products, but also reduce the distribution of goods in the circulation of errors.

Moisture-proof, waterproof, dustproof, both can achieve packaging effect, but also beautiful products, protection products.

Non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting is environmentally friendly packaging materials.

PE Heat shrinkable Film Application scope: Drugs, beverages, mineral water, beer, composite flooring, palletizing, building materials, metal products, dairy, glass bottles, industrial paper and other large-scale packaging equipment, items and so on.

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