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How to choose the right bronzing paper
Jul 28, 2017

1. First, understand the products of the substrate. The need to bronzing the substrate determines the selection of Bronzing paper series. Commonly needed to bronzing plastic substrates are: ABS, pp, PE, PVC (soft, hard), PC, PS, Pu, TPR, TPU, race steel, nylon, electric plank and so on; there are also paper (there are divided into coated paper, ordinary paper, plastic film, etc.), wood (whether it has been painted or wood), leather, clothing printing and so on.

2. bronzing area size. Mainly due to bronzing paper from the elastic layer of different, so the size of the bronzing area of the choice of bronzing paper is also very important, general bronzing paper can be divided into fine word bronzing, small and medium area color block, large area of color block, hot stamping, etc.

3. The use of bronzing and the use of hot version of the different. Flat hot, hot, according to the use of hot version of the different metal version, rubber version.

4. Hot Stamping speed difference. Whether the use of fully automatic high-speed machine (the high-speed machine here is not usually referred to the pneumatic automatic, pneumatic automatic is actually semi-automatic), semi-automatic machine, manual machine, such as hot stamping.

5. Hot stamping requirements. Whether it needs to be printed after gilding (including machine printing, fuel injection, etc.).

6. Indoor use of products or outdoor products. Indoor use of products such as cosmetics bronzing is also very high.

7. Brightness and color selection.

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